BITCHSTIX Twilight Oil in Sunset Shimmer


Bitchstix Twilight Oils are silky luxe body oils that quickly absorb and leave your skin glowing, velvety soft and with a shimmering golden glow. Formulated with a blend of naturally derived oils, Bitchstix Twilight Oils work harmoniously to enhance skin texture and provide long lasting hydration. Meadowfoam Seed Oil, contributes to improved skin moisture and strengthens the skin barrier. The combination of Grape Seed Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Sunflower Oil brings a rich infusion of Vitamin E and antioxidants, providing nourishment and additional radiance. These multi- use oils can be used on face, body or even your hair to add a touch of golden pearlescence! Apply a small amount of these gorgeous shimmery oils and massage until absorbed. It's the perfect post-beach treat or anytime you crave a subtle, flawless sun kissed shimmer. Our Vegan formula is FREE of Sulfates SLS and SLES, Parabens, Cyclmethicones, PEGs and Phalates.