Kentucky Souvenir Rectangular Platter


This whimsical Kentucky Souvenir Rectangular Platter by Certified International is not only a functional serving dish but also a colorful celebration of The Bluegrass State's rich heritage and culture. Measuring 13 inches by 8 inches, it's a perfect size for showcasing your favorite appetizers or desserts. Every detail on the platter is a nod to Kentucky's famed symbols and traditions. From the legendary thoroughbred horses and the world-renowned bourbon to the state's musical roots in bluegrass, this platter has it all. It's sprinkled with local flora and fauna, highlighting Kentucky’s natural beauty, and the vibrant illustrations make it an instant conversation starter. This platter would make an excellent gift for someone who loves Kentucky or a unique souvenir for yourself to remember your travels. It's not just a serving piece; it's a piece of art that tells a story with each illustrated element.